My Interest as now………

Well…..I just can’t believe it that it’s been such a damn looonggg time since I last update my blog>.< I guess due to hectic RL and also my unpredictable mood swings^^ that it seems though I’ve abandon this blog. He..he…he…totally lame excuses…yeaaahhh I know…I know…but it’s just as it is. Anyway, talking about my interest right now….mmm, I guess still the same old same ones….still watching animes and reading mangas, novels, and stuff.

As of now, for this last winter season….my current fav running anime series is still Fafner~Exodus. The long awaited sequel of Fafner in the Azzure or Sokyuu no Fafner in 2002 or 2006? Damn…it’s been so long that I forgot the year release…and its movie-sequel Sokyuu no fafner~Heaven and Earth in 2009 (sort of?).

This sequel is directly continuing from the movie’s ending…..BIG-SPOILER-ALLERT…..for those of you who haven’t watch either the first series and movie………after Soushi is back again to Tatsuyajima (and back by Kazuki side again^^screams….fangirling mode….), now Tatsuyajima and the whole world is preparing to face another challenges or bad omen from the festum again. With the arrival of a new Mir that is still unknown whether it’s an enemy or friend…and the rapid growth of Festum ability to adapt to human consciousness…plus also another threat from fellow human army, despite already retired from ~piloting Fafner~ business and still struggling to survive within their time limit, Kazuki and Soushi are back again piloting their own signature mechas ~Mark Sein and Mark Nicht~ to keep fighting for the safety of their family, friends, and their loved ones at Tatsuyajima.

Not only…this sequel is back again in their full glory….but Xebec really shows that indeed Fafner is still their precious ‘baby’ with the consistent great/high animation quality for tv series, great detail, awesome soundtrack, great and exciting mecha-action choreography, consitently good script and writing, the usual Fafner good ol’ war and human drama, epic OP+ED+insert song(theme) from Angela, etc…etc…overall high quality production values make this season still as charming, exciting, and enjoyable as the old ones…and also still one of my fav mecha anime till today.

So…..what’re you waiting for?!……..Start watching it right now, this moment, no need to keep hesitate about it. If you still haven’t watch the first series and the sequel movie, then I recommend you to start watching or marathon the series as favorable as you can manage, but I guarantee that it’ll be worth it. Ha..ha…ha…I know I’m so bias about this title and it’s not like Fafner is some kind of flawless masterpieces of its kind….but despite its flaws and all, I still enjoy it inmensely. Anyway…if you’re looking for a good-fun-action-mecha series with good story and likeable characters, good and great animation quality+choreography, fitting and good soundtrack, etc…etc….then I totally recommend any of you to at least check out Soukyuu no Fafner and all of its series sequels/iterations (movie+tv series+ova prequel).

As a parting gift…here I presented some you some of its screencaps………………

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^Feng Yu Jiu Tian Craze^

Feng Yu Jiu Tian is a popular long-running Chinnese BL novel that sets in a far far away land that looks like ancient China. The novel depicts the story of 19 years old college student in modern times named Feng Ming who died in a car accident when trying to save a boy, then the grateful boy’s father granted him a wish of second chances in life by transporting his soul to a far-away ancient land of Xi-Lei Kingdom. There, upon waking up he found out that he already inhabiting the body of Xi-Lei Crowned Prince who also known as the most beautiful man across the kingdom and he also met his fated person who happen to be the sole legitimite ruler of Xi-Lei Kingdom, Rong Tian. Thus, began the long journey of Feng Ming in the new land to accompany and helping Rong Tian in conquering and unite the whole 12 Kingdoms into one single ruler under Xi-Lei Kingdom.

Obviously, those are only a small snippet of its main story….but, seriously if any of you kind of interested with this series only from those small blurps then I suggest you all to read it (or even better) bought it, right now, you’ll definetely won’t regret it!!^_^